Copyright Policy

Here at britecorp we’ve brought together a useful set of free material in the form of online articles.

They cover a range of topics regarding varying aspects of internet marketing, and website development, especially targeted at small business users.

We do this because although we’re a commercial entity, we wish to ensure that our fields of business remain respectable.

You are therefore welcome to copy our articles and post them somewhere else on the internet, so long as you credit the source (ie, britecorp) AND inlude an active backlink to either the main britecorp domain, or else to the URL where you actually found the article on our site.

You may NOT copy any other material from these sites, without express permission.

We will take a dim view of our material being used without these simple and respectful conditions.

As this is an internet marketing company, we frequently check our material on Search Engines such as Google.

You can therefore be assured that if you reprint our material online, we will find it.

We would hope, therefore, for your full co-operation with regards to the issue of copyright.