Ethics Statement

The internet was brought into being simply to share information. That principle remains the core of the internet.

Commercialism of the internet is a two-edged sword, bringing with it both benefits, and hindrances.

It is the policy of Britecorp Ltd that we aim to contribute to the general spirit of the internet, do nothing to diminish the user experience of the internet.

We do this in the following ways:

  • Britecorp will offer free marketing and link-building services to charities. If you are a registered UK charity we will be happy to help advise and develop your internet presence – for free.
  • Britecorp sponsors a number of high-profile non-profit reference sites in the UK, simply to ensure they have the finances to survive the commercial demands of the internet.
  • Britecorp also aims to stay on the right side of search engine guidelines, especially the definitive Google Webmaster Guidelines. Britecorp endeavours to do nothing that will penalise any single client. After all, our clients’ success is our own.
  • Britecorp is not involved in any form of cloaking, nor do we use doorway pages, nor use redirects for ranking purposes.
  • Britecorp also does not take place in mass e-mail marketing schemes.
  • At no point will Britecorp attempt to use link-building to detrimentally impact relevancy, nor will we try and rank pages in search engine indexes unless they are specifically on-topic and relevant for the keywords targeted
  • Britecorp also reserves the right to work with whom we see fit. We will (and do) turn away potential clients on the basis that we do not believe their websites/products/services have any intrinsic value whatsoever, and firmly reject clients who are seen to be involved in questionable business practices, even where these practices are not technically illegal.
  • Britecorp will never support companies, individuals, or campaigns, that seek to promote hate, racism, sexism, violence, or harm to any other person.
  • Website rescue – Britecorp has instituted a policy of trying to rescue websites from deletion that otherwise serve useful, even essential, reference purposes. These websites are not used for promotional purposes, and are saved simply to prevent deletion of otherwise valuable data.

Ultimately, the internet is a place built for information sharing. Britecorp aims to be a constructive part of that information sharing network.