News Management Services

News service Management

“I want a news service to help promote my business”

“I need someone with experience to help provide a quality news service, and run it for me so I can concentrate on the new customers it generates.”

Britecorp can build and develop a news site to help promote your business.

This can either be a standalone site, or integrated into your existing business site.

Britecorp already has extensive experience of developing quality news sources, targeting both generic and niche markets.

Britecorp can also provide exclusive tips and experience on how to improve the impact of your news site/section, to help maximise the effect on traffic, sales, and profits.

News service management

Britecorp can provide:

– Installation of news service software
– Technical support
– Backups and upgrades
– Syndication to other news sites
– Exclusive tips on how to optimise your news source for traffic
– Write content to publish on your news site/section