Community Management Services

Forum Management

“I want an online community to help increase sales”

“I need a forum to help develop and maintain sales traffic, but I can’t handle it myself.”

Britecorp is one of the most experienced forum management services out there, handling large online communities since 2001.

Britecorp currently manages dozens of forums, including Big Boards, and has the skills to make your forum succeed.

Forum Management services

Britecorp can set up and run a forum for you, and manage it to ensure the best potential for success.

We offer the following forum and community management services:

– Installation of forum
– Integration with existing website
– Template design
– Optimisation of forum for human users
– Optimisation of forum for search engines
– Posting services to develop momentum
– Spam protection
– Development of moderator team
– Encouragement of human participation
– Software maintainance and upgrades
– Security and backups
– Training of inhouse staff as required

If you want to develop and expand a community around your business and services, you need Britecorp’s rare expertise and experience.