Business Webhosting services

Business webhosting

“I want somewhere reliable to host my business”

“I need someone I can trust to be reliable to host my website, provide excellent support, and constant uptime.”

Business Class Webhosting

If you want security and reliability for your website, we can provide an unparalleled service for you.

Here at britecorp we offer first class business hosting, built on the core foundations of client-centered support, proven network stability, and hardware reliability:

Superb Support

We believe in only delivering the best support for your business. Whether you need help with FTP, use of standard features, or would like advice on issues of webmastering, we are here and happy to help above and beyond what you can expect elsewhere.

Only the best

We use only the highest quality servers, running the most reliable software, and only running from state-of-the-art datacenters along the backbone of the internet. Check out our network section for more details.

Full backups

With daily, weekly, and monthly back-ups, client websites are running in the safest environment. In the event of a crisis we can have a recent copy of your website immediately uploaded back onto the server.

Feature packed

All our webhosting solutions come with a wide range of fully integrated features. From website statistics programs to view your traffic figures, to software for setting up your own mailing lists, forums, and more – and all for FREE.