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Example work: Nationwide Building Society

Between 2008-2010 Britecorp were subcontracted to cover “off-page SEO” by a marketing agency to deliver results for Nationwide Building Society.

There were three main areas Britecorp would cover:

  1. Link Building
  2. Social Media
  3. Reputation management

Overall results

Britecorp put Nationwide Building Society on the first page of Google for a raft of highly targeted keywords in the extremely competitive financial services sector.

This resulted in record breaking sales results for their online team.

And through promoting Nationwide as a safe haven for savings, helped move £2.6 billion into Nationwide’s savings accounts, increasing its market share to 34%.

1. Nationwide SEO link building

At the start of the campaign, Nationwide Building Society had an extremely limited presence on Google, despite paying for SEO for years from major agencies.

Although they were the second largerst mortgage lender in the UK, Nationwide’s major mortgage keywords were on the 3rd page of Google. Other mortgage keywords were completely absent on Google.

The same was true for a range of other major financial services keywords essential for driving internet-based sales through the Nationwide website.

Link building success

So Britecorp set up a close relationship with the brand marketing and press marketing teams to bring maximum visibility, and within 6 months, had pushed Nationwide to the top of Google for a range of important financial keywords.

The chart below shows the volume of Nationwide rankings at No.1, Top 5, Top 10, and Top 20, before the campaign, and after just six months:


Before the campaign started, Nationwide’s average ranking position on Google was position 48.

After 6 months with Britecorp, the average ranking position on Google was position 5.

Here are some of the best peforming keywords we ranked the Nationwide Building Society for on Google.co.uk:

This simple excerpt from a spreadsheet of results shows:


  • Left hand column: Nationwide’s original ranking positions


  • Right hand column: after 6 months with Britecorp


Even after just three months, Nationwide Building Society were breaking records for their online targets.

Mik Hodsdon, divisional director (Electronic Channels), passed on the following internal message to all Nationwide departments:

“July’s internet sales figures are outstanding, and include our best-ever day, week and month for home insurance. Not only that, we were 38 per cent ahead of target for General Insurance (GI) and 26 per cent ahead on GI add-ons.

“We also beat our remortgage completions target for the month by 149 per cent and bettered our home mover completions target by 104 per cent. FlexAccount sales were 99 per cent over target and credit card sales 20 per cent over target.”

2. Nationwide Social Media

Britecorp were tasked with ensuring a social media presence for the company. Working with their PR department, we were able to put their message out across the news wires and directly into industry news publications.

We also created dedicated blogs under Nationwide in the 20 most popular free blogging platforms, to help ensure a direct feed into different audience segments online.

When the Financial Crisis was unleashed in September 2008, we used our media and social media tools to promote the Nationwide Building Society as one of the UK’s safest havens for savings.

This contributed to a movement of a staggering £2.6 billion being transferred from other banks to Nationwide savings accounts.

3. Nationwide reputation management

Britecorp were also asked to provide online reputation management services (ORM) to help protect the Nationwide brand, especially on Google searches.

This meant using elements from the link building and social media processes to specifically target Nationwide brand services.

The result was that during the campaign, people using search engines for Nationwide brand keywords would be more likely to see positive and useful information about the Nationwide Building Society.

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